Sunset in Naples

The sunset is always an attractive natural hotshot. As well as the dawn, it is a moment where the sky "informs us": it tinges itself in other colours and warns us that another day is ending. The sunset could be a romantic moment to share with your soul sister or a perfect moment for meditation and to spend on yourself. 

Naples is a city bathed by the sea. Every time and everywhere, it gifts enchanting views; some of them give the best in the sunset. Every day you can admire a different setting, and every time, you will feast in front of its beauty and diversity. 

With us of Visit Naples, you will discover 5 spots where enjoy the sunset. We hope to get you emotional!

Naples from the other side: sunset over San Martino and Castel Sant'Elmo

Pino Daniele, the most famous and beloved Neapolitan singer, sang "From San Martino see the whole city". He meant that if you want to admire Naples, the most beautiful and fascinating way is to caress it with the look from above, from scenic spots. 

Piazzale San Martino is one of the most panoramic and suggestive spots in Naples. It embraces the whole city with a glance and extends in front of the famous Certosa San Martino, on the Vomero hill.

Once there, you can sit on the wall or a free bench. You can observe from above the old town, the bell tower of Santa Chiara and Spaccanapoli, till the modern skyscrapers of Centro Direzionale. 

For a complete view, you have to climb to the stands of Castel Sant'Elmo. Its entrance is a few meters before the square of San Martino. You will admire the entire Lungomare, from Santa Lucia to Posillipo, but also Castel Dell'Ovo, the Maschio Angioino, Piazza del Plebiscito, the port, Posillipo, Capri and, of course, the Vesuvius.

From San Martino, you see all the city/ with the world in your pocket and without saying a word/ I still remember you
Pino Daniele - Un Angelo Vero

A sunset of a thousand shades: the view from Parco Virgiliano and Gaiola

Parco Virgiliano, also known as Parco Della Rimembranza (Remembrance Park), is a panoramic park in the Posillipo area. The High Commissioner for Provincia di Napoli built it between the 20s and 30s. It opened in 1931 as the park of beauty. 

The park is open every day. On the hill of Posillipo, it has one of the most panoramic and beautiful views in Naples. Crossed by the Grotta di Seiano and close to Coroglio, the Virgiliano is built in terraces overlooking the Gulf of Naples. 

From here it is possible to see all the city, including the islands and Sorrento Coast. In addition to the city centre, the Phlegrean area with its districts of Agnano, Fuorigrotta, Pianura, the Gulf of Pozzuoli, the Gulf of Bacoli, Monte di Procida.

One of the most spacious terraces overlooks in front of Coroglio, the islet of Nisida. While on the right, it overlooks Bagnoli and the remains of the Italsider (ex Ilva - an old steel plant abandoned in 1992). From any point, from the Virgilian Park, you can see the steep tuff walls that end up in the sea, forming the Bay of Trentaremi with its archaeological remains and the Park of Gaiola.

Just La Gaiola is another spot from where to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Here, you will discover some of the most photographed landscapes in the city. Don't lose a ride by kayak in the Rocce Verdi Bay! Here, with the only sound of washing waves, you will enjoy the reflections of the setting sun. 

The sun setting over the sea in Naples at Castel dell'Ovo and Lungomare Caracciolo

Another of the most iconic spots to see the sunset in Naples is Castel Dell'Ovo and Lungomare Caracciolo, a loved and crowded promenade by locals and tourists. 

Naples seafront is a promenade of around 3 km, which bords the sea and starts from Borgo Santa Lucia and arrives in Mergellina, where Via Caracciolo finishes. This last one bords one of the most beautiful and famous "veduta" in the world. At a glance, you can admire Vesuvius, Capri and Posillipo's promontory. 

Everything of this, you can also enjoy from Castel Dell'Ovo. At that point, you will feel like in magic, between dream and reality!

A Marechiaro ce sta na fenesta:/ la passiona mia ce tuzzuléa…/ Nu garofano addora ‘int’a na testa,/ passa ll’acqua pe’ sotto e murmuléa…/ A Marechiaro ce sta na fenesta…. (In Marechiaro there is a window: I'm moved by my passion.../ In my head a gillyflower perfume,/ And the only noise of murmuring water.../ In Marechiaro there is a window...)
Salvatore Di Giacomo - Marechiare

Sunset relaxation at Borgo di Marechiaro

Marechiaro is a seaside village in the heart of Posillipo. The romantic place for excellence! From here, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes and sunsets in the Gulf of Naples. 

You can reach the village through its suggestive stairway, known as Marechiaro descent, which arrives on a small beach. Here there is a little window, the famous Fenestella of the old Neapolitan song Marechiare by Salvatore Di Giacomo.

The legend tells that a gillyflower on the windowsill inspired the Neapolitan poet and writer for the song. Still today, every day, in the same place, there is a fresh red gillyflower that stands out from the blue of the sea. On the building, a white marble commemorative tablet engraved the piece of music and the author's name too.

From the village, you admire the entire city, Vesuvius, Sorrento Coast and Capri. The island exactly appears in front of the typical little beach of Marechiaro. Instead, from the steps, you can enjoy a full view of the characteristic Scoglione di Marechiaro (a big rock in the sea). 

The suggestion is to go there and have a swim in the sunset!

A panoramic walk on the pier and the Bagnoli beach

Pontile Nord is a concrete pier long around 900 meters and used as a panoramic promenade in the Bagnoli area. Here before, there was the Italsider factory, which closed down in 1992. 

Because of the need for expansion, steelworks built the pier in 1962. Today the dock is a tourist and recreational spot. It is open every day till 9 p.m. It is the perfect place for jogging, walking and enjoying the sunset. 

Reaching its end, you will look like being on a ship at sea! You will hear only the swishing sound of the waves and the seagulls singing. From here, a beautiful sea sunset on the back of the Gulf's islands. 

If then you want to see the sunset directly on the sea, you can move to the beach of Bagnoli. Here, you can drink an aperitif with your friends or take a solo time, practising yoga maybe.