Summer in Naples: what to do and where to go

Probably you will think that it is a banality, but not at all! Naples is always beautiful! It will surprise you in every season. At any moment you decide to visit the city, it will catch you!

In this article, we want to give some advice for the Summer in Naples. Sometimes, the temperature can also exceed 30°C and visit it may be hard!

But don't worry! Because Naples is a seaside town and thanks to its ever-present sea wind from its Gulf, it will be fresher. So, let's discover where to swim, refresh and relax during the Summer in Naples. 

Dining under the sun on the Naples seafront

Lungomare Caracciolo is where to breathe the sea air of the Gulf of Naples at every time. Here, you must visit Castel Dell'Ovo and Borgo Marinari. 

Near the castle, close to Fontanella Dell'Immacolatella, there is Largo Nazario Sauro, a cliffside to sunbathe and swimming water. But careful, because not so far, close to Piazza Nazario Sauro, is not allowed to swim. 

Anyway, in Lungomare, there are many areas where sunbathing and, if you want, swimming. The most famous is Rotonda Diaz, also known as Lido Mappatella because before here the water was dirty. Today, it is a free bathing beach made available by the Municipality of Naples. 

If after swimming and sunbathing you are hungry, Lungomare is full of restaurants and pizzerias. Tasting a pizza in Naples is very fabulous! 

Sea of Naples: going to the beach at Posillipo

Posillipo is one of the most beautiful areas of Naples and, in Summer, it gives its best.  There are all the most beautiful beaches in Naples!

There are private as well as free beaches.  In the area of Posillipo was founded the first beach clubs in Naples. Here, some of the most known Neapolitan and not historic characters swam, such as Eduardo De Filippo, Totò, Oscar Wilde

From one of the beach clubs, there is a way that brings in a free beach, Spiaggia Delle Monache, with a sea that has little to envy overseas beaches.

If you love to stay in the wild nature, you can't lose La Gaiola. One of the most beautiful beaches in Naples and less affected by urban contamination. The beach is inside the Marine Protected Area “Gaiola Underwater Park”.

Going in the hilly part of Posillipo then, we find Baia Delle Rocce Verdi, a tuff bay where you can admire all beauty of the Gulf of Naples, Capri and Sorrento Coast. The entry for the bay has a fee, otherwise, near there is the small free beach Riva Fiorita, reachable by boat or on foot, walking along a downhill section in Via Ferdinando Russo. It offers one of the most striking views on the Gulf of Naples and some historical palaces, such as Villa Volpicelli, famous for Un Posto Al Sole (A Place in the Sun), a Neapolitan soap opera, very popular in Italy.

Not far by Posillipo, the beautiful Borgo Marechiaro. Here you can choose to swim on the little beach or the rocks on the foot of Palazzo Degli Spiriti, a legendary archaeological site. From the side of the marina, however, you can reach Scoglione, another very popular place, but you can only come by hiring a boat for a few euros from the staff present.

Pic-nic in the parks of Naples

If you prefer the relax and greenside to seasides or you want to eat a packed lunch and have a rest during your city tour, here are some public parks in Naples where you can go!

In Posillipo, there is Parco Virgiliano, one of the favourite parks by Neapolitans. It is big and rich in green areas. You can't lose the view from there of the fantastic Neaples sea and the island of Nisida

The biggest park in Naples is Real Bosco di Capodimonte, where inside there is Museo Capodimonte. The park is the perfect place where to have a rest after you visit the museum. 

In the Vomero area, there is Villa Floridiana. Inside there is a little lake of turtles.  If you want there, you can also visit a museum, Museo Nazionale Della Ceramica Duca di Martina (museum of porcelains). 

If you want to take a rest in the Villa Comunale of Naples (in the area of Lungomare), here there are many benches and a playground. In addition, staying into the sea theme, inside there is the oldest Aquarius in EuropeIndeed, in Naples, was open the first Zoological Station for the study of sea species. 

In the end, going to Agnano, in the area of Campi Flegrei, there is the Astroni Nature Reserve. It has three lakes: Lago Grande, Cofaniello Piccolo and Cofaniello Grande. It is the perfect park to discover nature staying in the city. WWF Oasis, Astroni Crater has natural paths, rich fauna, rare animals, and varied vegetation. An enchanting place for those who are looking for an escape from the chaos and stress.